Software Application Development
Software Application Development
Enterprise security and safety equipment solutions
Enterprise security and safety equipment solutions
The Prosperously
The Prosperously
VBI Global Conference & Expo 2023 - Houston, Texas USA - "Transformation for Success"
For the first time in the history of Vietnamese businesses in the US, there will be an international conference and trade show held in Houston, Texas on April 21, 2023 with the theme "Transformation for Success”: - The conference will discuss transformations in governance, business, investment as well as the application of new technologies in a new era with many uncertainties and risks from macro policies, geopolitics and polarization of the world. - Multi-directional trade promotion between the US and other countries - Help strengthen global supply chains for US businesses - Towards technology transfer between countries.

Welcome to ATVINA

These are the Behaviors by Which We Measure Ourselves

Be Inclusive
Creating an environment where all voices can be heard.
Think Customer
Putting the customer at the center of every decision.
Innovate Now
Bringing urgency to achieving our vision every day.
One Team
Working together despite the distance.
Be Bold
Respectfully speaking up, exchanging feedback and boldly sharing ideas without fear.
Winning With Integrity
Doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult.


"We are fortunate to be born in an age of peace, not through war and poverty - a time when life and rice are the only things worth paying attention to, and "happiness" is only is a compound word in a dictionary. But we grew up and matured in a time when society had many major changes and changes, a time of intersection of the old generation and the new generation. Although we are not physically deprived, many people in our generation have experienced or are experiencing feelings of confusion, fatigue, disorientation, pessimism, and even depression when having to choose with the work. However, science has proven that living in harmony with nature, without industrial dust and dust, thanks to the senses to perceive the intelligence of the surrounding environment to help people be happier, We believe, science can create emotionally changing events to change jobs for the better, then acting immediately to build relationships of events can help people increase a source Positive competence is the only path we have chosen."

We’ve been a driving force for factory for over 23 years.

Start making changes, include things like having more Security-Safety, better quickly, the processing career, stronger relationships, or more personal growth. Security-Safety is a key component of a standard of working, make a budget, save money, and invest for owners.

Let us together with you gradual improving standard of factory!


Security and safety equipment, digital transformation of operations management, long-lasting and stable software modules in the production management system, any separate but interrelated areas of great interest, which we are providing.

Time attendance

Standard timekeeping process, using all types of timekeeping equipment including cameras to recognize faces and other biometrics, smart formulas, easy-to-change processes, fast and compact, and a new scale is solved neatly, save.

Smart monitoring system

Integrating from simple to complex equipment, from hand-made to high-tech equipment to ensure security - safety at all times for factories, houses, farms, schools, hospitals, etc. ..there is remote monitoring and control software on your computer or phone